Music Talks. Video and audio recordings

Music Talks are addressed to students and teachers of music schools and can be used for teaching musical literature to both children and adults. The recordings can also be used by secondary school teachers during music lessons and lessons introducing the history of world art. Apart from that, a wide variety of music lovers will enjoy listening to them in their free time and might find them useful for self education.

The video part of Music Talks consists of 137 short films each lasting about 25 minutes, which are recorded on 32 two-hour DVDs. 12 two-minute fragments from the films can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate button in the top part of this page. Each of the 32 DVDs contains 4 to 5 video records of talks on classical music composers and their works. The texts of lectures prepared by music experts are concise and well-written; the talking is interleaved with abundant musical examples, all which makes the Music Talks a work of art. Most exemplary vocal works and fragments from operas written by western composers are sung in Russian, which can be seen as a benefit by the Russian-speaking audience. The videos can be watched in any order.

The first part of the Music Talks video collection (topics 1–74) is dedicated to Russian music.

The second part (topics 75–125) is dedicated to music of Europe and the United States of America.

The third part (topics 126–137) presents a brief historical survey of European and North American music. Each film presents a short talk on the history of music of a certain country or countries, followed by a number of pieces by famous composers and related folk music pieces. A listener will also have a chance to learn about and appreciate the main features of folk music of different ethnic groups in Europe and North America, and enhance their knowledge of the world classics.

The Video Glossary of Musical Terms is a separate video tool which consists of 91 short films, each lasting 6 to 12 minutes, arranged in the order of the Russian alphabet – from A for aдажио (adagio) to Э for этюд (étude). The glossary is recorded on seven DVDs. Each film contains a short lecture and a lot of good music performed by brilliant musicians. To see the demo, click by clicking the appropriate button in the top part of this page.

The audio part consists of four DVDs. Altogether they take 130 hours of recordings divided into 105 sections. Each DVD contains 25 or 26 talks on classical music composers, presenting their most popular works. Some works are presented in full, other – by quite lengthy fragments. Most audio recordings are edited copies of radio programmes or vinyl records issued in between 1960 and 1990. The original recordings were converted into a digital form and processed using modern computers. The quality of both video and audio recordings on the DVDs meats up-to-date requirements and has been highly praised by users from a number of music schools.

To order the whole set of Music Talks videos (32 DVDs) or the video glossary of musical terms (7 DVDs) or the Music Talks audio collection (4 DVDs + the brochure with a short description of the content for each topic), please email to